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About Us

Color Shift Coatings came together as a husband-and-wife team with a passion for power coating and a dream of running a business together. As a local of the PNW, we aim to bring our skills and expertise to our hometown all while building a family owned business that our community can be proud of.

Porsche Brake
gold painted rim

We don’t just specialize in powder coating.

We specialize in the detail it takes to give a quality and unique product. To achieve this, we sourced out top quality equipment along with industry leading powder.

While setting the customer experience as our highest priority, we set convenience at the top by offering a full-service process for vehicles. You simply drop your vehicle off and pick it up when it’s complete…

We handle everything else.

Quality from start to finish.

While on site we will use our team of trained technicians to properly lift your vehicle, remove your wheels, dismount your tires, strip your existing finish, repair minor curb rash, powder coat the wheels, mount and balance your tires, and properly torque your lug nuts to factory specification. 

If it’s calipers that you are refinishing, they will go through a process of removal, disassembly, stripping of existing finish, high heat masking and plugging, 2 coats of powder for added protection, rebuilding of the internal parts, installation, a full brake pressure bleed, and a performance test to ensure proper function.

Painted Porsche Brake

Not just for automotive.

Outside of automotive, Industrial has a large presence in powder coating. From high pressure sandblasting to applying a base coat of Zinc or Epoxy Primer, durability and longevity is our goal.

Choose the payment option that is right for you.

With a wide range of payment options including the popular “Buy Now Pay Later” feature, we can accommodate almost any budget. Ask us about the 0% interest “Affirm” and we will be happy to help. 

All projects are welcome here at Color Shift Coatings and with over 6500 colors to choose from…

What will your next inspiration be?

Powder Coating

Sand Blasting

Warranty Information

Our Powder Coating has a 1 year warranty against any cracking, peeling, or chipping where the customer was not at fault of the damage.

Powder Coating Services & Pricing

*Sandblasting is included with all powder coating services.

Wheels x4

Wheel Powder Coating includes everything from when you drop off your vehicle to when you pick it up. During the process we will remove your wheels, dismount your tires, sandblast your rims, remove any minor curb rash, apply the powder, mount/balance your tires, install your wheels with proper torque settings on the lug nuts, and adjust your air pressure to factory specification.
  • Starting at $630

Calipers x4

Caliper powder coating is a much more involved process. Each caliper will be removed from your vehicle, fully disassembled, properly cleaned and sandblasted, high heat masked and plugged, 2 coats powder that includes and basecoat with topcoat for added durability and protection against chemicals, fully reassembled and installed, a pressure brake bleed, and finally a performance test to ensure proper braking feel and functionality.
  • Starting at $850


There are a few variables when determining price for powder coating miscellaneous parts and projects. Included with every project will be average stripping time for removing the original finish and cleaning properly prior to powder coating. There may be an added cost for disassembly or reassembly, additional preparation such as excessive masking, plugging, or sandblasting. There may be a reduced cost for raw metal parts.
  • Call for Pricing


Cost will include mounting and balancing of each individual tire along with removal and installation of TPMS sensors if they are present. Tires must be free of damage and have a minimum of 5/32 tread wear. Rims must be free of cracks and able to hold air. TPMS Sensors must be free from damage prior to re-installing.
  • Starting at $35/Tire


Cost will include bead balancing along with proper assembly and torque of each bead lock ring. PSI will be set to customer specification.
  • Starting at $100/Wheel